Sandals St. Vincent and the Grenadines officially opens!

Sandals Saint Vincent and the Grenadines opened its doors on March 27.

The opening marks Sandals Resorts’ eagerly anticipated introduction to the largely undiscovered Eastern Caribbean destination of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where – enveloped by a mountain backdrop – the brand’s 18th all-inclusive resort offers an unrivaled sanctuary where guests can commune with nature, foster wellness, and cultivate lasting connections.

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Sandals St. Vincent

Sandals Saint Vincent and the Grenadines offers 301 rooms and suites across 50 acres.

“With its dramatic blues and incredible beauty, the Caribbean sea was meant to be explored. But at more than a million square miles, it was also meant to be discovered,” said Adam Stewart, executive chairman of Sandals Resorts International. “Sandals Saint Vincent unveils a little-known wonder we are proud to bring forward, not only for its show-stopping beauty but for the warmth and grace of its people. There is a joy here that pulses throughout and beyond 32 incredible islands. Sandals Saint Vincent was designed to honour that spirit, encouraging carefree exploration, pampered relaxation, and deep connection.”

lobby at sandals st. vincent
Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines

About the property

Sandals St. Vincent offers guests access access to a 300-foot linear pool that connects the flora-framed lobby terrace to the horizon. Along the way, cabanas and cocktails invite guests to loll the day away, with three other pools surrounded by vegetation.

Innovative and thoughtful touches extend across each of the resort’s exquisitely appointed rooms and suites, where guests are welcomed with a refreshing, in-room signature cocktail of rum and coconut water.

At the heart of Sandals Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is the destination itself – bold, bountiful and richly colourful – with opportunities for exploration infused into nearly every touchpoint.


Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines swim up pool suites honeymoon
Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines Swim Up

Guests of Sandals St. Vincent and the Grenadines will also enjoy:

  • Red Lane® Spa, offering treatments that harness the natural minerals found in volcanic sand to exfoliate and detoxify
  • Guided kayak experiences to Buccament Bat Caves
  • Rental bikes available to book
  • Interactive classes and tastings
  • vibrant festivities, from sunset parties on the beach to rum sensory experiences and movies under the stars
  • Sandals’ unlimited scuba diving program.

Two-storey villas

A pioneering concept for the brand, the Vincy Overwater Two-Story Villas will feature expansive spaces spanning two stories above the sea, as well as dedicated villa perks including an exclusive table at Buccan. Beachfront Villas offer a tranquil retreat just steps from the sand.

Insideguests are met with warm neutrals, organic textures, locally-sourced volcanic materials and pops of cool blue to create a harmonious connection with the island’s natural surroundings.

Many of the resort’s suites also feature elevated amenities –  from a dedicated media room and private pool to a personal fitness room with exercise bikes, yoga mats and a library of fitness classes. The brand’s signature butler service adds an additional level of luxury, with butler-level room guests treated to memorable moments.

Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines suite honeymoon
Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines

From Harvest to Hearth and Beyond

Eleven culinary concepts – five novel to the brand – showcase the island’s bountie.

Guided by a lush jungle pathway and the spark of glowing embers, guests will find Buccanan immersive family-style, open-air culinary journey and the region’s first-ever solid fuel restaurant.

The cooking style, done in local clay yabba pots, becomes a centerpiece of the experience, turning local cedar and sustainable sources like coconut husks into coal as chefs rely on ancient culinary techniques to create a menu highlighting local ‘Vincy’ ingredients with seasonal platters designed for sharing.

Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines food
Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines

Scrimshaw taps into the island’s abundant access to fresh seafood from its coveted location on the coastal shelf, starring curry conch fritters with a liquid centre; scallops with pickled, locally grown peanuts; and a vegan roasted pumpkin with lemongrass-tofu puree, spiced pumpkin seeds and red onion relish.

A sophisticated cocktail menu carries the narrative with the Scrimshaw Martini, finished with a dash of MSG for a unique umami experience to accompany fresh seafood dishes; and the Gin Tonica, a botanical excursion in a glass adorned with citrus wheels, rosemary pimento vermouth, and lime.

Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines restauants
Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines

Parisol, an open-air beach club and kitchen, invites guests to salute the morning sun with smoothies that incorporate the viral superfood, sea moss; naturally gluten-free cassava flour pancakes; and locally loved ‘Bakes’ with salted fish and guava jam.

Day time bites are to be savored by the sea: from the tuna & charred cucumber aguachile to the snapper, skipjack, conch or lobster – served grilled, steamed or fried – accompanied by lemongrass rice and ginger cabbage slaw.

Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines
Sandals St. Vincenta and the Grenadines

Imoro, a Sandals First ‘grab-and-go’ concept, is named after the Arawak term for ‘green,’ serving up healthy, veggie-focused bowls.

At Sandals vincy evenings come alive after the stunning sunset. Vibing to the beat of a curated selection of hand-picked vinyls, Three Jewels rum bar celebrates a quintessentially local Caribbean spirit, with a selection of 32 rums inspired by the destination’s 32 islands within 32 miles; more than two-thirds of the menu hones in on Eastern Caribbean distilled rums – one of five jovial bars around the resort.

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Why travel SOLO for Women?

Here is why travelling solo is the most liberating way to travel

By Anita Djordjevic

A Woman Only journey – what is it like?

I could go on and on about confidence, connection, empowerment (the trendiest of words), intuition, courage, personal growth.  Even though each woman has her specific reasons to travel alone, it is possible to recognize some common motivations. Solo-women travelers seek adventure, seek escape, crave social interaction, pursue education, value independence, and strive for self-understanding.

I have been beyond lucky to guide more than 10 LADIES ONLY adventure groups to different destinations around the world.

In 2023 – we had 4 amazing groups to – BALI, 1 group to – COSTA RICA and 1 to – MOROCCO.

In 2024 –


On November 04. 2024 –

In April 2025 –

Exploring Alone vs. Our Groups

I have explored alone – a  lot and loved it!

Now, I find that travelling alone with a group of women – gives so many more options.
You can be on your own – or you can stick with the group activities.
You can travel solo – but you can feel safe.
You can take on every daily plan – or you can choose your tempo.

We can always find someone compatible – to share your room with, to visit that awkward art gallery, to try new food or to hike a volcano.   You can come alone, but you will not be.

You don’t need to make any plans. Come completely clueless if you wish. Choices will come as we go.

The dynamic of the LADIES ONLY groups is very unique and relaxing, even in the most active itineraries.

You are here for YOU.

The Value of Booking with our Private Solo Group

I have travelled alone, in groups and planned travel for others for over 25 years – and with this, have come to experience Woman Only travel as something very unique.  In my many years of tour and travel connections, I can hand pick tours around the world that are perfect for woman only – and than CUSTOMIZE!

I can put a group together – and than CREATE THE PERFECT PLAN.

I can work with the client dynamic ahead of departure – and MAXIMIZE your time, value and size of the group.

Every group has a different feel or need.  Woman groups have a way …. and it works.

What are the most special moments that I love?

ONE, my favourite part is that all groups have mothers and daughters.♥
Sometimes, younger ladies take their retired moms with them – as they would not travel alone or don’t have the company for these type of journeys.  Other times, woman take their teenage or younger daughters, to experience the world together.
Most times, they just love to travel together and these bonds always make out group dynamic very special.

(on out trip to Argentina, we had 3 sets of mom-daughter tandems!)

TWO, I really love FOOD.
With this said, I do my research well with friends and local guides, to book all the best places to eat.  Sometimes I do this well in advance and other times on the spot, depending on the destination.
But no matter the type of group, it is almost always a foodie group.

Nothing spreads love like a good meal with friends and family.


THREE, is truly amazing!

On every tour – we et ladies from all over the world.  Anyone can join our tours.
We have sisters that come from Canada, Europe and US. Families reunited from different countries, and of course, most of all – friends that live in different places, but travel together!
How fantastic is this?
Very, very fantastic!

So far, we’ve had ladies join our tours from Canada, USA, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Bosnia, Sweden, Mexico, Italy and Spain. ♥

Anita Djordjevic
Group Designer, Owner

Paradise Found: Luxurious Beachfront Resort

WestJet Vacations is pleased to feature the best rates of the season with Princess Hotels & Resorts! From honeymooners to family vacationers, Princess Hotels & Resorts have accommodations to suit all travellers needs.

Welcome to a world where luxury meets tropical paradise – the recently refurbished Grand Bavaro Princess in Punta Cana. This five-star all-inclusive resort is more than just a holiday destination; it’s an experience that captivates your senses and leaves you with unforgettable memories. Nestled on the famous Bavaro Beach, known for its breathtaking scenery, pristine white sands, and crystal-clear waters, the Grand Bavaro Princess stands as a jewel in the Dominican Republic’s crown.

Only a short thirty-five-minute drive from Punta Cana International Airport, the resort welcomes you with its 1290 spacious rooms, each a testament to comfort and luxury. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or an exciting trip with friends, the resort’s room selections, including the exclusive Platinum rooms and Family Club Suites, cater to every need, ensuring your stay is nothing short of perfect.

Culinary Delights

But the Grand Bavaro Princess isn’t just about luxurious accommodation. It’s an epicurean delight with ten themed restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisines – from Italian to Oriental, Japanese, and the finest Argentinian meats. Each restaurant is a portal to a different part of the world, offering unique flavors and culinary adventures. Not to forget the three buffets, two snack bars, a trendy food trucks area, a cozy coffee shop, and nine bars, including two swim-up bars, that add to the resort’s vibrant gastronomic landscape.

Activities for Everyone

The resort’s all-inclusive experience is about immersing yourself in a world of activities. From water sports to yoga, Zumba, and pilates, to indulgent spa treatments, there’s something for everyone. The kids aren’t left out either, with specially designed activity groups and a Miniclub ensuring they have the time of their lives.

Family Fun

What sets the Grand Bavaro Princess apart is its commitment to family-friendly holidays. The Princess Family Club Bavaro within the resort is a sanctuary for families, offering 164 spacious rooms and exclusive services. Imagine your family enjoying private pool access, tailored activities, and services designed to make every moment special.

Start Planning Today

Booking your stay at the Grand Bavaro Princess through one of our travel agents is not just a choice but a smart decision. Particularly, WestJet Vacations offers amazing packages for this resort with convenient flights from across Canada, simplifying your travel arrangements. Our agency can provide personalized services, ensure you get the best deals, and offer insights that can enhance your experience. We act as your personal travel concierge, taking care of all the details so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

The Grand Bavaro Princess is more than a resort; it’s a slice of paradise in Punta Cana, where luxury, adventure, and family fun blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable experience. It’s a destination where each moment becomes a cherished memory, and every experience is a story waiting to be told. Book your stay now and step into a world where your dream vacation becomes a reality.