23 September 2024


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Morocco is a treasure trove of diverse landscapes and rich culture. Here’s a glimpse into what you will experience:

  • Ancient Cities: Wander through the colorful souks of Marrakech and Fes, where the air is perfumed with spices and the sound of bargaining fills the air.
  • Atlas Mountains: Drive through the scenic movie like landscape where the mountains meet the desert.
  • Sahara Desert: Embark on a 4×4 adventure or a camel trek across the sweeping dunes, and witness the desert sky ablaze with stars at night.
  • Rich Culture: Enjoy the hospitality of the Moroccan people, taste the local cuisine, and sip mint tea while watching artisans at work.

Morocco offers an array of experiences that cater to all. Enjoy your journey through this enchanting land with a group that we put together! 🌍✨

What's Included

  • Your Journeys Highlight Moment: Sahara Dunes & Culture Excursion, Merzouga
  • Your Journeys Highlight Moment: Moroccan Foodie Experience, Marrakech
  • Your G for Good Moment: Mhaya Village Community Lunch, Meknès. Arrival transfer.
  • Guided city tour of Meknès including the ancient granaries and stables of Moulay Ismail and Bab Mansour.
  • Guided tour of Volubilis including visit to Roman ruins.
  • Guided walking tour of the Fès medina including artisans’ quarters and Fès tannery. Dades Gorge walk.
  • Visit Taourirt kasbah and take a tour of Aït Ben Haddou kasbah.
  • Enjoy free time to explore Marrakech. All transport between destinations and to/from included activities.

To reserve a place on one of the tours, a deposit of 350.00 CND / 250.00 EUR is payable.

The rest of the payment is due by July 23rd, 2024

All transportation is by private vehicle.

It is planned that the accommodation will be shared with another person (double rooms).

If you want your own room, please let us know. 

Air transportation is paid extra, and we can provide you with a flight from Toronto, Belgrade, other cities of North America or Europe.



♦ Physical Grading: 2 – Light

Light walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.

♦ Service Level: Upgraded

Quality accommodations and more inclusions than on other G Adventures tours, like meals, private transport, and activities.

♦ Travel Style: National Geographic Journeys

Greater exploration, insider access, and the freedom to roam – all without sacrificing comfort.

♦ Trip Type: Small Group

Group trips average 12 travellers per departure, depending on the adventure. The maximum is usually no more than 16, but some can be smaller or bigger, depending on the trip. Check individual trips for details.

♦ Merchandising: Planeterra Project


Day 1 Casablanca

Arrive at any time. Arrival transfer is included. Please note that this tour does not spend any time in Casablanca. You may wish to come a day early in order to explore Casablanca, and take some time to see its medina, beachfront, and classic examples of Art Deco architecture. Be sure to also visit the spectacular Hassan II Mosque. Entrance is only permitted via guided tours, which
operate from Saturday to Thursday at 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, and 15:00, and on Fridays at 9:00, 10:00, and 15:00. These times are subject to change (particularly around Ramadan), please double check times with your hotel. Tickets can be purchased at the mosque.

Please note that if you are travelling to Morocco between November and February, your tour will have a level of flexibility based off of winter weather conditions on roads in the mountains. Heavy snow is not uncommon, so plan on packing warmer clothing to suit conditions.
Private Vehicle Casablanca1h
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.
Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting 1h18:00
The adventure begins tonight. Feel free to explore before your welcome meeting, but make sure you’re back in time to meet the group. Check for the meeting time on the welcome note at the hotel. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your tour. Please note that normal check-in times apply at our start hotels, but you can usually store your luggage for the day if you arrive early.
Accommodation: Mogador Marina Casablanca (or similar) Hotel

Day 2 Casablanca to Fez

Set out on a guided tour of two UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit the remains of the medieval city of Meknès, which served as Morocco’s imperial capital in the 17th century. Then, venture to Volubilis and discover the soaring columns and remarkably well-preserved mosaic floors of this ancient Roman outpost. Continue to Fez and enjoy lunch at a G Adventures–supported women’s cooperative before checking in to our hotel. Meknès is one of the four Imperial cities and its name and fame are closely linked to that of the Moroccan Sultan Moulay Ismail, who made Meknès the centre of his empire and built many of the monuments that remain today. Continue through the rolling hills to the Roman ruins of Volubilis, the best-preserved Roman ruins in Morocco. Once an important Roman town situated near the westernmost border of Roman conquests, Volubilis was listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. This is a long and busy day. The times listed are actual driving times and do not include stops at Meknès and Volubilis. We will not arrive in Fès until evening.
Private Vehicle Casablanca – Fès 7h-8h
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Volubilis Guided Tour Volubilis1h-2h
Listen to a certified local guide explain life in the Roman Empire at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the impressive, well-preserved Roman ruins. Peer into old bathhouses, marvel at the still-present mosaic floors, and gaze up at towering marble pillars. Hear stories about life in this Roman city that will leave you in awe of just how far their empire stretched.
Meknès City Tour Meknès1h-2h
Enjoy a guided visit of the Imperial City of Meknes. The least visited of the Imperial cities; Meknes has a unique feel to it. Visit the Bab Mansour historic landmark, and 18th-century Bab El Khmiss, the ornamental gate to the city. Wander the bustling souk to browse the vast array of clothes, spices, handicrafts, and of course food. The visit also includes stops at Dar Jamai: The National Museum of Music and the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail.
Your G for Good Moment: Mhaya Village Community Lunch
Enjoy a G Adventures-supported traditional lunch that benefits rural Moroccan women and children. This G Adventures lunch program provides access to education opportunities and healthcare services. The proceeds from this lunch program help support vocational training for rural women, allowing them to support their families and children. Enjoy a traditional home-cooked Moroccan meal and meet some of the women that are part of this program.

Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch
Accommodation Nour Plazza Fes (or similar) Hotel

Day 3 Fez

Step back in time on a walking tour of the medina of Fez, a spellbinding World Heritage site dating back to the 9th century. Skirt past donkey carts as you take in the dazzling sights, from colourful mounds of spices to vividly painted ceramics, and observe Fez’s famous tanners treating and dying hides in the traditional manner. Pay a visit to the breathtaking Madrasa al-Attarine, a masterpiece of intricate Islamic architecture, and pass by the famed Al-Karaouine Mosque—home to the longest continually operating university in the world.

Fès Medina Guided Tour
Follow a local guide through the Fès medina, one of the world’s largest medinas with more than 9000 winding streets lying within 365 hectares. See buildings in the medina that date back to the 9th century; there are 350 mosques in the medina that are still in use today. Enter through one of the great gates into the chaos. Explore the artisans’ quarters as well as the many
carpenters, bakers, butchers, and spice sellers. Visit the mausoleum and the Al Qarawiyin University. A highlight of the tour is the view of the famous Fès tannery from the balcony of a leather shop, where you can observe the men hard at work treating and dyeing the different hides. Take some time to shop for leather goods before returning to your hotel.

Optional Activities – Day 3

Ville Nouvelle Exploration
Fès30m-1h Free
Hit the newer part of Fès to see life in action. Find a sidewalk café to sip mint tea and watch everyday life go by.

Meals included: Breakfast
Accommodation Nour Plazza Fes (or similar) Hotel

Day 4 Fez to Merzouga

Watch cedar forests give way to palm groves as we travel through the Middle Atlas Mountains to the fabled Sahara. Spend the night in a kasbah-style hotel at the edge of sweeping sand dunes. Start early and watch the scenery of this diverse country change while travelling over the Middle Atlas mountains. Pass through cedar forests and the ski area of Ifrane into the desert regions. Drive by the vast palm groves of the Ziz Valley and right up to the majestic Saharan sand dunes. Keep your eyes open for a glimpse of Barbary apes en route. Spend the night in a comfortable Kasbah-style desert hotel at the edge of the dunes.
Private Vehicle
Fès – Merzouga10h-11h
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.
Meals included: Breakfast | Dinner
Accommodation Hotel Kanz Erremal (or similar) Hotel

Day 5 Merzouga/Tinghir

This morning, explore the Sahara on a thrilling 4×4 excursion. Visit the village of Khamliya, where we’ll meet a group of Gnaoua musicians. Learn about the history of this famed genre of Moroccan music, and enjoy a hypnotic performance. Later, share mint tea with Amazigh (Berber) nomads in the Sahara, and gain insights into their way of life. Transfer to Tinghir this evening.
Merzouga Roads? Where this rough-and-ready vehicle’s going, we don’t need roads.
Your Journeys Highlight Moment: Sahara Dunes & Culture Excursion
View the golden dunes of the Sahara desert on a 4×4 excursion. Drive around the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi and take in the view of the seemingly endless sea of sand. Watch the dunes as the colours creep across the landscape and look out for the kohl mine en route to the village of Khamlia. Here you will meet Gnaoua musicians and learn about the history of Gnaoua music in the Sahara. Enjoy a performance by these talented artists. Depart back through the desert region and visit local Amazigh living in the area, learning about their way of life and sharing in some mint tea in one of the homes.
Private Vehicle
Merzouga – Tinghir4h
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Meals included: Breakfast | Dinner
Hotel Tomboctou Tinghir (or similar) Hotel

Day 6 Tinghir/Ouarzazate

Venture into the Dades Gorge, admiring its dramatic rock formations. Continue along the Road of 1,000 Kasbahs and pause at the maze-like Taourirt Kasbah. In Ouarzazate—home to one of Morocco’s largest film studios—choose to take a lesson in traditional Amazigh medicine with a local herbalist. Start the morning with a visit to the Dades Gorge with its unusual natural rock formations and stunning scenery. Continue with a scenic drive along the “Route of a 1000 Kasbahs” with an included visit to Kasbah Taourit. Continue to Ouarzazate, a former Foreign Legion stronghold. In Ouarzazate opt to visit an Amazigh herbalist and find out about the traditional medicines and cooking spices of the Amazigh people.
Private Vehicle
Tinghir – Ouarzazate 6h. Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.
Dades Valley and Route of 1,000 Kasbahs scenic drive
Gorges du Dadès1h
Drive through the scenic Dades Valley and “Route of 1,000 Kasbahs”, passing by many of the mud-brick fortresses and abandoned villages. Stop at the Dades Gorge to admire the formations of the rock and the kasbahs built with their backs against the rock for protection.
Kasbah Taourit Visit
Visit the Taourirt Kasbah, a palace built in the 19th century for the relatives and servants of the ruling el Glaoui family. Originally, the Kasbah had hundreds of rooms and riads, but now the structure is partially destroyed. UNESCO has helped with the restoration of the Kasbah, allowing travellers to wander through the halls and rooms. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

Optional Activities – Day 6

Amazigh (Berber) Herbalist Lesson
Ouarzazate Free
Learn about the traditional, natural remedies and cooking spices of the Amazigh people. Both herbalists and pharmacists swear by the healing properties of natural ingredients like ginger, argan oil, and mint leaves. Even ingredients usually found in a yummy tajine like saffron and cumin are used as pain relievers and to help with circulation.
Meals included: Breakfast
Berbere Palace (or similar) Hotel

Day 7 Ouarzazate/Marrakech
Discover the magical, twisting lanes of Aït Ben Haddou, an ancient fortified village and UNESCO World Heritage site, then continue along high mountain roads to Marrakech. Take some free time to wander this legendary city—a melting pot of Amazigh, West African, Mediterranenan, and Arab influences—and venture off the beaten path into hidden neighborhoods and artisan quarters. Continue on to the village of Aït Benhaddou. During your visit to the Kasbah, lose yourself in the narrow,
winding passageways and feel the magical atmosphere of this incredible structure. Travel to Marrakech through the Tizi n’Tichka pass at 2200m in the High Atlas Mountains. Travel along winding mountain roads with breathtaking views from the highest peaks of Morocco.
Private Vehicle
Ouarzazate – Marrakech5h-6h
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.
Aït Ben Haddou Kasbah Tour
Aït Ben Haddou2h
Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site and kasbah of Aït Ben Haddou. Of all the remaining kasbahs in Morocco, the walls and interior of this area are the most intact. The kasbah still houses a few families, but many now live in the adjacent village. Like many of the earthen built fortresses in Ouarzazate, Aït Ben Haddou has been used in many film and television productions like Gladiator, Babel, and Game of Thrones.
Free Time
Take time to explore Marrakech at your own pace.
Meals included: Breakfast
Opera Plaza Hotel Marrakech (or similar) Hotel

Day 8 Marrakech

Visit a historic riad for a hands-on cooking class with a renowned Moroccan chef, learning how to roll semolina and measure out spices for an exquisite tagine. Enjoy your creations for lunch, and spend the afternoon exploring Marrakech at leisure. Choose to immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Djemaa el-Fna, the city’s main square, where storytellers and magicians captivate passersby; or tour the elegant Majorelle Gardens. Later this afternoon enjoy free time to explore the fascinating city of Marrakech and dive into the labyrinthine souks. Travellers and locals alike find everything they desire here. Whether it’s spices, traditional jalabas and slippers, or famous Moroccan lanterns, the selection here is exhaustive. Don’t
forget to bargain; that’s definitely part of the fun. Opt to indulge in the chaos of the famous Djemaa el Fna square to watch acrobats and fortune tellers plying their trade.
Your Journeys Highlight Moment: Moroccan Foodie Experience
With its unusual combination of cultures – Amazigh (also known as Berber), French, Jewish, Andalucian – Morocco is known for some incredible flavours that visitors talk about (and miss) long after they return home. In the heart of bustling Marrakech, visit a historic riad for a hands-on cooking class led by a renowned Moroccan chef who will discuss key ingredients and techniques. From the making of different salads to measuring out spices for a mind-blowing tagine, learn the culinary tricks of a master while preparing lunch as a group, which we’ll all sit down to eat (and marvel at).
Free Time
Marrakech Afternoon
Spend free time relaxing at one of the tea houses around the square, indulging in the ubiquitous sweet mint tea, watching the hustle and bustle from your shady spot. Or head to Djemaa el Fna Market for some lively entertainment.

Optional Activities – Day 8

Djemaa el Fna Market Square Visit
Marrakech1h-3h Free
Wander past fresh orange juice stalls and water sellers in colourful costumes reminiscent of an era past. See storytellers, magicians, and peddlers of traditional medicines as the day progresses. When the sun sets, the square fills with dozens of food stalls, and is packed with locals, entertaining chefs, and waiters. Grab a spot on a bench with other diners and try the “tanjia” (slow cooked lamb), harira soup, grilled seafood, famous Moroccan couscous, tajine, snails, or even sheep’s head (for the truly adventurous). Wash it all down with some spiced tea.

Jardins Majorelle
200MAD per person
Visit this enchanting garden in the heart of the city designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962). Follow the pathways through trees, exotic plants, streams, and pools while watching the numerous birds who call this peaceful paradise home. (Please note that the entrance fee to Musée Yves Saint Laurent is an additional 30 MAD.)
Marrakech Medina Walk and Spice Shop
Marrakech. Let a local guide show you the best of Marrekech. Head into the maze of tiny streets and alleyways of the
ancient medina to really get a taste of everyday life in Marrakech. See the Koutoubia Minaret and head to a spice shop to discover an array of Moroccan spices.
Musée de Marrakech
50MAD per person
Wander around the salons of the ornate Mnebhi Palace displaying various collections of Moroccan art forms.
El Badi Palace
70MAD per person
Visit the ruins of what was once the most ornate palace of the 16th-century. Its sunken gardens and pools give a glimpse into its former glory.
Marrakech Hammam Visit
400MAD per person
Visit a hammam, a great way to get squeaky clean and soothe sore muscles. Enjoy a body scrub and massage in a traditional Moroccan bathhouse. Begin with a dry or hot room to prepare your skin and body, followed by a hot steam room. Then enjoy a body scrub and massage followed by a traditional mint tea.
Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch
Accommodation Opera Plaza Hotel Marrakech (or similar) Hotel

Day 9 Marrakech

Depart at any time. Please note that check-out time from the hotel is normally mid-morning, but luggage storage is available.
Departure Day
Not ready to leave? Your CEO can help with travel arrangements to extend your adventure.
Meals included: Breakfast

On this trip we will stay in comfortable local hotels. Rooms will be on a twin-share basis unless you have booked our My Own Room service. You can expect the rooms to have air-conditioning, private bathrooms and breakfast will be included daily. Some hotels may also have swimming pools and/or other recreational facilities.Where a town has both an ancient medina and a “ville nouvelle” we generally stay in the ville nouvelle, both because the standard of hotels is higher, and because travellers (especially women) often find the medinas at night a little confronting.

Please note that Morocco is a developing country and as such the infrastructure is not as reliable as you would expect at home. Expect quirky plumbing and the odd cold shower!

Please be aware that properties we stay in with only two stories may not have elevators installed and climbing the stairs with your luggage will be necessary.

This is a very fast paced itinerary which covers lots of ground. While this is great as it allows us to see a huge amount in the available time, it also means some early starts, some long drives in the mini van and less free time than many other G Adventures. We feel that if you enter this trip with this knowledge and expectation, you will appreciate even more the variety of locations we are able to include in this itinerary.

The legroom in the minivan is possibly smaller than you may be used to and taller passengers may find space a little cramped. It is important to be aware that as it is not a legal requirement in buses in Morocco, your vehicle may not be equipped with seat belts.

Please note that the climate in Morocco can be both very hot during the day in summer months (up to 50°C) and cold at night in the mountains in autumn, early spring and winter (down to -6°C). Summer months, from April to September are very hot throughout Morocco. Winter months November to March can be cool to cold, especially in the Atlas Mountains, with high probability of snowfall. Most Moroccan buildings are not equipped with heating, so without proper layers you will be cold at night. Please bring appropriate clothing for the months in which you are travelling and check temperatures before you leave. Bedding is provided in the desert camp and the gîte, but in winter months if you feel the cold you may wish to bring a sleeping bag too.

According to the lunar cycle, Ramadan will fall between Mar 11th – Apr 8th 2024, and Mar 1st – Mar 29th 2025. Please note that Ramadan is a month of fasting observed by Muslims throughout the world, during which time the followers of Islam should not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. There may be some limitations to services and disruptions to schedules during Ramadan, but generally our tours still operate effectively during this period and food is available to non-Muslims throughout the day. It is very important to display increased cultural sensitivity during Ramadan. Please wear loose fitting clothes, that cover knees and shoulders, and try to avoid eating, drinking or smoking in public out of respect for those who can’t at that time.

During your visit to this country, we would like to inform you about an important celebration called Aid Al-Adha. This holiday may impact your travel experience, as most shops and restaurants are closed during the celebration. Some of the historical places we visit might also be closed during this time. There will be a shorter number of staff at the hotels and less crowded streets on the day of the celebration. Aid Al-Adha will fall between Jun. 16th-17th 2024, and Jun. 6th-7th 2025.


DRINKING WATER It is advisable to drink bottled water in Morocco.

Please note inoculations may be required for the country visited. It is your responsibility to consult with your travel doctor for up to date medical travel information well before departure.

There are no specific health requirements for this trip. However, you should consult your doctor for up-to-date medical travel information before departure. We recommend that you carry a First Aid kit, hand sanitizers / antibacterial wipes as well as any personal medical requirements . Please be aware that we are in remote areas and away from medical facilities for some time during this trip, and for legal reasons our leaders are prohibited from administering any type of drug including headache tablets, antibiotics, etc.

When selecting your trip please carefully read the G Adventures brochure and itinerary and assess your ability to cope with our style of travel. Please contact us at should you require any clarification on what is involved on your itinerary. G Adventures reserves the right to exclude any traveller from all or part of a trip without refund if in the reasonable opinion of our CEO they are unable to complete the itinerary without undue risk to themselves and/or the rest of the group.


The local currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD).

ATMs are very common in Morocco with Cirrus and Plus system cards are the most widely accepted debit cards. .While ATMs are commonly available, there are no guarantees that your credit or debit cards will actually work – it is important you check with your bank before departure and advisable to travel with more than one type of card.

Visa cards are the most widely accepted credit cards, but are generally only useful for larger/expensive purchases. You should be aware when purchasing products or services on a credit card, that a fee usually applies.

The foreign currency most commonly accepted in Morocco is the Euro. You will be able to exchange Euros, as well as GBP and USD at money exchange offices in major cities.

Do not rely on credit or debit cards as your only source of money. A combination of cash (Euro/GBP or USD) and cards is best.

As currency exchange rates can fluctuate often we ask that you refer to the following website for daily exchange rates: